Hello November.

[eng] When I say “autumn” I always think about hot tea and warm clothes. I don`t know why but I always associate this season with brown and yellow, maybe is because of the colorful leaves on the ground.

In this outfit I want to combine something typical to this season, also I show how can simple things change the basical outfit.

An advice for every girl that loves herself: You MUST have a lot of  accessories because only it can make your look different. It doesn`t matter where you bought it, or is it a hand-made one, put it on you.. You`ll look priceless!

[ro] Cînd spun ”toamnă” mă gîndesc mereu la un ceai cald și haine calde. Nuștiu de ce dar mereu asociez acest sezon cu culorile cafeniu și galben, poate e din cauza frunzelor colorate de peste tot.

În acest outfit vreau să combin ceva tipic pentru acest sezon, deasemenea vreau să vă arăt cum unele piese vestimentare simple pot schimba outfit-ul de bază. Continue reading…